[TYPO3-english] RealURL redirects // more than one domain

Michael Peters xzy at iwantnospam.dex
Mon May 11 13:44:40 CEST 2009

Hi *,

I am using RealURL for two websites migrated to TYPO3. Both are in the
same TYPO3 installation. Additionally I am using RealURL. We cleaned up
the structure of the content, so paths and page names differ from what
it was beforehand (without TYPO3).

Easy, I thought. Let's just use Web > Info > RealURL-Management >
Redirects and that's it. We added the redirects for the first domain as:

URL: pagename-old-website.html
Redirect to: pagename/new/website.html
303: yes

and so one.

But as we now get to the second domain (which is in a second tree) I
recognize, that all redirect entrys are valid for the whole TYPO3
installation and not only for the first tree of the first domain!

The outcome: I cannot enter another pagename-old-website.html (from the
second domain) into the list. How can I solve this? Any ideas?

Thanks, Michael.

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