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Mon May 11 11:50:26 CEST 2009

StephenBungert wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried creating a new workspace, but it is not possible to select it for a
> particular usergroup. I want a draft workspace so that external translators
> can edit one particular language in draft mode. They use the default draft
> workspace unless i let them see User -> Workspace. Then they can select the
> new workspace, but they can also select the live workspace.
> How can I make a usergroup / user use a custom workspace? Why is it they can
> still see and edit english? I select only one language in teh user account.
> -----

Hello Stephen,

First of all you have to disable access to the live and draft workspaces
 for all relevant users and usergroups (including subgroups).

If you edit the user(group) go to the tab Mounts and Workspaces and
- Edit Live (Online)
- Edit Draft (Offline)
- Create new workspace projects

Then edit the relevant workspace (from the list module) and give the
user(group)s access to the relevant stages (edit,review and such). (Tab:

In the tab access rights of the user(group) make sure you selected the
just the relevant language and again for all users and (sub)usergroups.



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