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Ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Wed May 6 14:16:56 CEST 2009

On May 6, 2009, at 12:14 AM, Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

> Hi!
> Andreas Becker wrote:
>> There is also Presta Shop which is 100% OpenSource and free. OSL v.  
>> 3. But
>> the biggest benefit in Presta Shop is its size 6MB  - it is very  
>> fast and
>> lightwight and you don't need those huge server specs like you  
>> would need
>> running Magento and TYPO3 on one server. Check it out! The Presta  
>> Shop
>> community is growing more and more and quite fast since Magento  
>> introduced
>> their Business Modell with the very Expensive Enterprise Edition.
> The question is how it compares to Magento. There is a huge number  
> of shops but Magento beats all of them that I know.
> I run several active TYPO3 installations on two separate servers.  
> Servers have to be optimized. This is a science. Without  
> optimization it can be hard to run even a single TYPO3 instance. So  
> in many cases it all comes to good administration skills and  
> knowledge :)


what you are writing there sounds nice, but it's really a bad thing  
for TYPO3.
TYPO3 shouldn't be hard to administer at all!!! If TYPO3 is hard to  
administer then more and more
people will not use TYPO3 but a other system because of the complexity  
and only
a 'elite' group will be left over that know TYPO3 well enough to  
create websites under.
I the community shrinks then there will be no TYPO3 at all.

We should place (at least try to) TYPO3 as a enterprise CMS, but we  
add the complexities around it, something that is really not needed.


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