[TYPO3-english] globalVar Condition problem

Walrick lists at globalhealingcircle.net
Wed May 6 13:21:51 CEST 2009

Peter Russ wrote:
> As I just took your code you can apply any changes to your requirements.
> I will NOT develop it for you.
> But I guess you've got at least an idea how to solve it...
> Peter
 The only thing i can come up with using constants would be

access21 = 2,1
access12 = 1,2

[globalVar = TSFE:page|fe_group = -2,TSFE:page|fe_group =
1,TSFE:page|fe_group = {$access21},TSFE:page|fe_group = {$access12}]

But this doesn't work either.

It seems "[globalVar = TSFE:page|fe_group = *]" just doesn't accept a
comma separated value for *, no matter whether constants are used or not.


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