[TYPO3-english] Section Menu of Current page using Typoscript

Walrick lists at globalhealingcircle.net
Wed May 6 10:42:44 CEST 2009

JoH asenau wrote:
> I guess it doesn't matter if there is content available for the current
> page, since the above code is an HMENU, which is not supposed to show
> anything of the _current_ page but a list of pages and/or subpages _to_ a
> page.

You sure about that?

TSREF says:

This is a property that all menuObj's share. If it's set, then the menu
will not consist of links to pages on the "next level" but rather links
to the parent page to the menu, but in addition "#"-links to the
cObjects rendered on the page. In other words, the menuitems will be
links to the content elements (with colPos=0!) on the page. A section

If I interpret this correctly it should be possible to use it for a
section menu of the current page.


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