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Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Wed May 6 09:55:43 CEST 2009

Exactly Dmitry.

Presta is still quite new but in a very active development. The
roadmap looks very promissing and they have already lots of ideas - i
guess from magento - also multishop/multisites is on their roadmap. It
is also a question on what is actually needed as a shop solution. To
have a running Magento is like having a running TYPO3 site - it is
brilliant even in the backend, but until you get it (magento) running
in a customized setting takes often very long time and especially
starters will move in lots of cul de sacs and get lost in a labyrinth
of folders with same and similar names.

This is much better in Presta. But as it is alpha we need to wait I
guess if it can get to be a REAL Community Shop Solution. They also
have a dedicated team and often Teams like this form a company when
things are running and the community is not more so needed for alpha
and beta testings. And often than it costs a lot to have specials
features in those solutions. Best example is Magento actually!

I hope the people from Presta keep it like TYPO3 a REAL Community
solution and I also hope TYPO3 in Version 5 stays like this as I just
read about the new license changes and why they have been made and am
no more sure about this too!


On 5/6/09, Dmitry Dulepov <dmitry.dulepov at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> Andreas Becker wrote:
>> There is also Presta Shop which is 100% OpenSource and free. OSL v. 3. But
>> the biggest benefit in Presta Shop is its size 6MB  - it is very fast and
>> lightwight and you don't need those huge server specs like you would need
>> running Magento and TYPO3 on one server. Check it out! The Presta Shop
>> community is growing more and more and quite fast since Magento introduced
>> their Business Modell with the very Expensive Enterprise Edition.
> The question is how it compares to Magento. There is a huge number of shops
> but Magento beats all of them that I know.
> I run several active TYPO3 installations on two separate servers. Servers
> have to be optimized. This is a science. Without optimization it can be hard
> to run even a single TYPO3 instance. So in many cases it all comes to good
> administration skills and knowledge :)
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