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> Can you please add a rating for the german forums too, I would like to 
> see that
> Georg
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Hy Georg,

at this moment we haven't any working forum apart from german-spoken 
ones with more than 1000 postings. My rating for the french and the 
chinese domain concerned the whole page.
So rating a forum is also a judgement about knowledge of users instead 
of editorial quality of the whole page.
Apart from the german forums I know the wec-forum 
(http://webempoweredchurch.com) but that's nearly all from my T3-forum 
list apart from smaller forums with private character.

Rating forums from a list of three doesn't make a lot of sense but it's 
more important to say that in all that forums a lot of developers are 
present who can even answere to special questions.
Nevertheless some questions aren't answered especially when they are a 
bit more complicated - it's a question of luck to find someone who has 
collected experiences in a requested item and who want to share this 

In the Mailinglists quality even to special questions is higher as in 
the forums I think. But forums are structured optically and it's easier 
to browse item-related threads.

I think all mentioned forums have nearly the same quality - wec has a 
special structure with many own documents and and own install-package.
Mittwald also has a special structure with own forum-extension, some own 
documents and with hosting.
I've to admit that I know your Menu-Tutorial at Mittwald but haven't 
looked up if there are other Tuts like that.
Each Forum has some special Docs, and for me it doesn't make a sense to 
verify the quality beeing able to rate more precisely than 5% or 10%.

When we've collected more pages / forums / ressources perhaps a 
user-rating would make more sense.

Concerning API and documentation I admit that a lot of things aren't up 
to date and solutions can only be found by verifying the source-files. 
Sure - everybody, also you and me, can help to change something but 
intention of that thread was to find what exists and not what we could do.

Referring some questions in the forums perhaps it would make more sense 
to post in other forums (apache / php / mysql / etc.) but the quality of 
the forums in my opinion depends if those questions are covered too and 
in a forum it's possible to mark those items as special area.

Best Regards

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