[TYPO3-english] inspiring people to share your location

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Sun Jun 28 03:01:57 CEST 2009

Hi Bernd

> >> BTW:

 >> Does this kind of individual map-extensions exists for OpenStreetMap
> >> too? OSM might match better for TYPO3.
> >
> > I agree. (FYI The big difference is, that in OSM is no satellite view.)
> do we need satellite view?
> what for?
> on global or country wide view a satellite-pic does not show very much
> information.
> do you want to see the members in their garden? or which car is parked in
> front of their house?

YES we need satellite view as the roads are not matching and mostly missing
in our regions here in SEA (South East Asia) and we have a growing community
of good TYPO3 developers and users here in Thailand (LisAndi, T3Net, UNESCO
Bangkok), Laos, Vietnam (Ise), Cambodia (Yejj), Malaysia (Mileswork),
Singapore, Hong Kong (Hongkong Webdesign), Taiwan (Acqal), China, Japan
(Snowflake) and of course an already existing huge group in India (Srijan,
.... many)! More and more TYPO3 Agencies from Europe relocate here too or
open up dependencies and joint-ventures due to much better cost relation and
of course short connection to the biggest upcoming market.

Please don't exclude numerous TYPO3 Agencies, Designers, Developers and
Users by using OpenStreet Map for such a kind of Map to show TYPO3 Usage.

In a satellite view it is much easier to locate the place than in a Street
or Map View even in Google!

Customers which look up our Rawai Office <http://maps.lisandi.com> on a map
or street view usually miss us as our road is NOT existing and are NOT able
to find us. Instead people whom we send our satellite view don't need any
help to get here. They remember the forest and some houses on the main road
which they can see in satellite view. And even our new Headquater at
Software Park Phuket <http://swp.lisandi.com> isn't existing on satellite
view people find it, but when you look to the map the road shown on the map
looks like a local small road but it is already a 4 track motorway which
cuts our ICT Innovation Paradise in half from north to south.

Open Street Map is much to abstract for our region to locate offices and
people and therefore we don't use it either here! - Try to find the
locations I posted on our google map in Open Street Map - they are simply
not there as also here our road is missing - it is only visible in satellite

Simply check it out (Satellite and Map or Terrain View) and you will see the
difference! Open Street Map might work nice in Locations like Germany or US
but not here! Even Goggle street Map isn't working and often also
Geolocation isn't working properly!



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