[TYPO3-english] inspiring people to share your location

bernd wilke x00nsji02 at sneakemail.com
Sat Jun 27 23:46:20 CEST 2009

Am Sat, 27 Jun 2009 23:27:57 +0200 schrieb Andreas Burg:

> bernd
>>> 1st: this map is not from me.
>>> 2nd: I know about the slowliness, but there are 2344 entries in the
>>> map now. I joined that map at ~200 entries. It was much faster. alas I
>>> don't like all that flashes. and all that erranous entries which are
>>> inserted on wrong clicks much to easy.
>>> 3rd: I used that map today after a long time - and was not able to
>>> move my pin as to reflect my moving.
>> 4th: frappr enables different pins for different types of people.
> I was not able to upload a foto

I think until now frappr is not capable to handle maps with so much 
>> BTW:
>> Does this kind of individual map-extensions exists for OpenStreetMap
>> too? OSM might match better for TYPO3.
> I agree. (FYI The big difference is, that in OSM is no satellite view.)

do we need satellite view?
what for?
on global or country wide view a satellite-pic does not show very much 
do you want to see the members in their garden? or which car is parked in 
front of their house? 


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