[TYPO3-english] Menu navigation and domains

Sergio scatala at iti.upv.es
Tue Jun 23 16:51:47 CEST 2009

I rescue one of my past posts because I didn't find a proper solution
for this:

I've got the next pagetree:

--- Root
	|---- Main (www.main.com)
	|---- Subdomain1 (www.subdomain1.com)
	|---- Subdomain2 (www.subdomain2.com)

Every subpage in this tree has its own domain defined. Everything works
perfectly inside the domains except my menu links. 

For example, if I use "config.baseURL = http://www.subdomain1.com" in
the template of Subdomain1, all URLs are converted to:
"http://www.subdomain1.com/...", which is something desirable for my
site navigation. But menu links are converted too, which is something I
don't want to. How could I keep the links in
my menu to be ALWAYS in the original way: "http://www.main.com/...?

I would like to use the navigation menu in "www.main.com" besides the
domain I'm in.  

Thanks in advance,

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