[TYPO3-english] templavoila: how to use linkfield recursivly on pages

Victor Livakovsky v-tyok at mail.ru
Sat Jun 20 12:10:10 CEST 2009

> Everything I need is the possibility to add an image as a 
> non-admin user to pages. The images need to be recursively distributed.

Sorry for late responce (have noticed this topic only now), but here is 
some trick, that might be useful for other users, looking for the same 
I've also had such problem and for image it may be easily solved by 
adding such TS into your template:

lib.top_image = IMAGE
lib.top_image {
  file.import = uploads/media/
  file.import.data = levelmedia: -1,"slide"
  file.import.listNum = 0

So, your editors may add images at "Resources" tab of page properties.

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