[TYPO3-english] Accessrights for pages / Many FE Groups

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Fri Jun 19 15:48:56 CEST 2009

If you are using MySQL 5.0.3 and newer, VARCHAR can have a value of 
65,535, but it's shared among all columns, so effective length are 
lower. But try with different values.

The use of varchar isn't directly an misconception, but also related to 
lack of functionality in earlier MySQL versions.

TYPO3 V5 is using a complete different structure, build upon Content 



Ansgar Brauner skrev:
> alex widschwendter schrieb:
>> hi ansgar,
>>> i have several problems with a large amount of FE_Groups. As already
>>> asked in many Newsgroups at a clean installation of TYPO3 the number of
>>> Groups which can be assigned to a Page, or the number of subgroups is
>>> limited to 20.
>>> This can be reassigned by: pages.columns.fe_group.config.maxitems in the
>>> TCA.
>>> BUT: This seems to be only a workaround because the fe_group IDs are
>>> stored in the pages table in the field fe_group, which is a VARCHAR(100)
>>> field. So if you have entered so many groups that
>>> "the sum of all digits of the group-ids is greater than 100"
>>> chars another error message appears and no changes are saved.
>>> Now there is the possibility to use subgroups and
>>> subgroups-of-subgroups. But this should be no answer. It seems not very
>>> clever to store such IDs in this way in the Database. Wouldn't it be
>>> better to store such information in a mm-relation.
>>> So now my questions:
>>> Do you think this could be a bug?
>> nope this is no bug, rather a misconception from the begining. as it is
>> not trivial task to change the commaseperate list into a mm-realation
>> (think of all extension relieying on that datastructur) it has not been
>> refactored till today.
>> but you could solve your problem easily. just alter the db field
>> fe_groups to a field length fitting your needs. best practice to do
>> this, is doing it with an extension. set the tca modification
>> (pages.columns.fe_group.config.maxitems)in ext_tables.php and db in
>> ext_tables.sql. so you are future proof and update save.
>> hth alex
> Ok, i see. Its a historical problem. But extending my DB Fields would
> solve the Problem only for a "few" more groups. Its no final solution.
> It will work now and i hope that the new TYPO3ver5 will use a better
> mechanism to store Accessrights.
> Thanks for your tipps
> Regards
> Ansgar

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