[TYPO3-english] Accessrights for pages / Many FE Groups

alex widschwendter a.widschwendter at mediares.at
Fri Jun 19 15:09:35 CEST 2009

hi ansgar,

> i have several problems with a large amount of FE_Groups. As already
> asked in many Newsgroups at a clean installation of TYPO3 the number of
> Groups which can be assigned to a Page, or the number of subgroups is
> limited to 20.
> This can be reassigned by: pages.columns.fe_group.config.maxitems in the
> TCA.
> BUT: This seems to be only a workaround because the fe_group IDs are
> stored in the pages table in the field fe_group, which is a VARCHAR(100)
> field. So if you have entered so many groups that
> "the sum of all digits of the group-ids is greater than 100"
> chars another error message appears and no changes are saved.
> Now there is the possibility to use subgroups and
> subgroups-of-subgroups. But this should be no answer. It seems not very
> clever to store such IDs in this way in the Database. Wouldn't it be
> better to store such information in a mm-relation.
> So now my questions:
> Do you think this could be a bug?

nope this is no bug, rather a misconception from the begining. as it is 
not trivial task to change the commaseperate list into a mm-realation 
(think of all extension relieying on that datastructur) it has not been 
refactored till today.

but you could solve your problem easily. just alter the db field 
fe_groups to a field length fitting your needs. best practice to do 
this, is doing it with an extension. set the tca modification 
(pages.columns.fe_group.config.maxitems)in ext_tables.php and db in 
ext_tables.sql. so you are future proof and update save.

hth alex

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