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Tonix (Antonio Nati) tonix at interazioni.it
Wed Jun 17 15:59:57 CEST 2009

Tomas Mrozek ha scritto:
>> Is it correct to assume initMenu will fill the first level of menu
>> items, and buildNextLevel will fill the second, adding "_SUB_MENU"
>> arrays to first level menu items?
> You answered it yourself. In initMenu you return the data of all pages
> in all menu levels while TYPO3 sorts out which item goes into each level.
> Then buildNextLevel already has an array of all the items that are
> supposed to be in each menu and you can manipulate that array.

In this way you load always the whole menu, including branches which 
could not appear.

>> I don't have the $mconf values for each level parameter.
> By $mconf you mean the configuration passed to your function?
> I don't know if it's passed with itemArrayProcFunc and if it is, you
> might not be able to manipulate it.
> What are you actually tying to achieve?
$mconf is the part with params relative to the level. It is build from 
I'm building a menu based on categories coming from an external database.
So, I'd love avoiding massive lookups in database, when 90% of data is 
in branches wich will not be displayed in menus.



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