[TYPO3-english] [sr_feuser_register] Links to activation without ID

Robert Jędruszek robert.jedruszek at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 16:48:09 CEST 2009

I wrote it both in main template constants and in subpage template
I was trying to solve the problem with adding a plugin srfeuserregister 
to my login page. But activation link is probably still sent wrong, 
because activation still doesn't work.

"Login failure
An error occurred during login. Most likely you didn't enter the 
username or password correctly. Be certain that you enter them precisely 
as they are, including upper/lower case. Another possibility is that 
cookies might be disabled in your webbrowser."

Philipp Gampe pisze:
> maybe you have to put it in constant section of main template ?
> Cheers
> Phil
> Am 10.06.2009, 16:16 Uhr, schrieb Robert Jędruszek 
> <robert.jedruszek at gmail.com>:
>> You mean plugin.tx_srfeuserregister_pi1.enableEmailConfirmation = 1
>> Yes, I was trying this in main template and when it does not work, I 
>> wrote to set the TS to the Registration page template, but it also did 
>> not help.
>> Morten Kjems pisze:
>>>> Does anybody know why activation links in mail come incomplete?
>>>  Have you set the constant:
>>>  plugin.tx_sremailsubscribe.enableEmailConfirmation = 1
>>>   /Morten

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