[TYPO3-english] Does Firefox 3.0.11 create broken links in rtehtmlarea?

Christian Zenker christian.zenker at 599media.de
Mon Jun 15 17:00:37 CEST 2009


I think I encountered an error with the latest version of Firefox 3.0.11  
and rtehtmlarea 1.7.9.
As I'm rather new to TYPO3 I would be gratefull if anyone could confirm or  
refute this issue:

If you create a link in htmlarea (no matter if internal, external or file)  
the href attribute of the created link points to something like


The link stored to the database is as confusing, too.

I don't know yet WHY this error occurs, but I know, THAT it does.

- I tried this on different TYPO3-Webpages (using the same  
Core-Installation - but i've even overridden this with a "fresh" one).
- Firefox 3.0.10 doesn't show this problem neither does Opera.
- tried on Ubuntu 8.10 and Win Vista

Glad if anyone could help.


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