[TYPO3-english] naw_securedl

Ilaria De Marinis ilaria.demarinis at caspur.it
Mon Jun 15 16:32:26 CEST 2009

Hi list,
I installed and configured naw_securedl extension

I read the documentation on typo3 website but I can't realize the 
protected access for frontend user.

I didn't find any help about how construct the link I include in a page 
to download the file, of course I can't direclty link to it with the 
classic url (http://mydomain/fileadmin/secure/file.pdf)
Please can you help me?

I searched for threads about this issue but I couldn't find any suggestion.

Thank you very much

Ilaria De Marinis 
Settore Automazione Biblioteche
Phone: +3906-44486052
CASPUR - Via dei Tizii ,6 - 00185 Roma
e-mail: ilaria.demarinis at caspur.it
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