[TYPO3-english] RealUrl adding nc to href in macina_banner

HR typo3 at iwelt.de
Mon Jun 15 15:49:24 CEST 2009

Hi again,

 > I can confirm this bug - I'm using RealURL and Macina Banners, and I've
 > got the exact same behaviour - the banner tries to link to an internal
 > page with a non-existing path.

did a bit of de-bugging, maybe this info will help others with the same 
problem (well, at least save you some time otherwise spent on de-bugging):

Apparently the banner module really ISN'T meant to be used with internal 
links, because it does have a bug there: when using internal links, the 
banner module is generating a redirect in the format
Location: local-alias.html

This is wrong - the correct form would be:
Location: http://domain.com/local-alias.html
(Correct redirect headers always need the protocol info -  http...)

Now when you're using RealURL and you're in some virtual sublevel - like 
in the example
the banner module just adds the target url to that path, which results 
in a non-existing path like

 > It works fine with internal URLS as long as one's NOT using RealURL.

Without RealURL (whether you're using simulatestatic or not), you're 
always in the top level (http://www.domain.com), so the redirects do 
work (even though they're technically wrong).


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