[TYPO3-english] Problem importing RSS feed with extension tw_rssfeeds

Fabrice Eudes fabrice.eudes at free.fr
Sun Jun 14 16:16:22 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I am trying to import a RSS feed into a 4.2.6 TYPO3 (version 4.2.6-1 on
a debian lenny) using the tw_rssfeeds extension (version 2.1.4).

The feed is generated by another site under SPIP 1.9.2d,
url=http://irem.univ-lille1.fr/activites/spip.php?page=liste (in
french). It is not perfect, but doesn't look too bad when I check it
into http://feedvalidator.org/.

The problem is that the "<" and ">" characters are stripped od the item
descriptions when the feed is parsed by tw_rssfeeds ; see

I am not a developer but tried nevertheless to look a bit at the
extension code, the file class.tx_twrssfeeds_pi1.php. I didn't spot
anything bad in the code and it seems to me that the extension calls
TYPO3 xml parsing capabilities :
> require_once (PATH_t3lib.class.t3lib_xml.php');
but I can't say anymore.

This import used to work correctly in the past, but, being an RSS feed
and hence kept up to date automatically, I haven't noticed which update
has make the problem arise.

The flexform parameter of the extension «Enable HTML in object
description» doesn't help at all, the result is even worse as this
breaks my characters encoding ; another(?) problem I plan to solve

Thanks a lot for any help !

PS: as you have surely noticed reading this message, I am french :-)

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