[TYPO3-english] moving typo3 projekt from 1 server to another

J. Bakshi joydeep at infoservices.in
Fri Jun 12 14:02:54 CEST 2009

Rupali wrote:
> hello List,
> we need to move our running project from 1 server to another. Although there
> are many links available in google, but still if anybody has done this
> before successfully please suggest me a link, where the step by step
> instructions are given.

There are no such step-by-step guaranteed procedures.   The migration
would be problematic if the two servers are not identical ( different
version of apache, mysql etc.. and the collation/character set of mysql
) or would be smooth ( if you are lucky ). Here I am trying to give some
general info.

1> Before start the migration take a backup of the remote site (
localconf.php; fileadmin; uploads; ext folders and the database and
others which are required to be backed up). If you have root access just
make a .tbz2 of the whole typo3 installation.

2>  Check the database collation of both the local and remote server. If
the site is using special character then utf8 support must be there in
remote mysql server.

3>  If you like to proceed,  take a database dump from your local server
( I prefer using mysqldump ). Now import the database to your remote
server. If you have root access then use mysql command to do so. If not
use phpmyadmin.

4> copy fileadmin, uploads and other required file/folder.. template,css
.. etc..  to the remote server.

5> The remote site should be modified now. If you have additional
extension then the easiest process which I follow ( I repeat; I follow )
is to upload those from ext folder into the ext folder of remote site.
And now from back end enable those. Or you can install the required
installation one by one manually.

6> If the local site has special tweaking in localconf.php ( like utf8
support, imagemagik etc... ) applied the same in the remote site.

7> If realurl is there modify the baseurl accordingly as well as edit 
.htaccess to support realurl

8> If required ( for production server ) then switch off the php error
reporting through .htaccess or by php.ini/vhost configuration  if you
have root access.

Hope this help

> Thanks and kind Regards,
> Rupali
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