[TYPO3-english] kb_md5fepw + sr_feuser_register

Filype Pereira filype at ocular.co.nz
Thu Jun 11 00:26:27 CEST 2009

Hi, Im working with sr_feuser_register + kb_md5fepw and having a few
problems with the password not being encrypted when JavaScript is
turned OFF, so it saves my passwd in plain txt and does not allow me
to use the system

I managed to solve the registration form using a hook available in the
extension sr_feuser_register, however, in felogin, I don't find a hook
that will do the same thing. Basically I need to MD5 the passwd in PHP
before sending it to authentication if it hasn't previously been done
in JS.

I know that this defeats the purpose of kb_md5fepw but I only still
would like to give access to users who dont have JS enabled.

Has anybody had this problem before or can help me out?


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