[TYPO3-english] Memory consumption with 4.3

Jan Bednarik info at bednarik.org
Wed Jun 10 23:46:44 CEST 2009

Hey David,

> I made tests about memory-usage and resulted with 26-28 MB for TYPO3 for 
> on Linux. Same installation on Windows needs ~3 MB more.
> But some extensions with a lot of SQL-queries need itselfe much memory 
> (i.e. cal) and will not work well with 32 MB.


> Concerning Providers, you're free to get webspace outside Czech I think ;-)

Well, it's not up to me. I don't think that czech companies would go 
with hosting abroad as invoicing would be complicated.

Jan Bednarik
www.bednarik.org - web about Typo3 in czech

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