[TYPO3-english] content element column position changing in listview on re-order

Lukas Stancik webmaster at robe.cz
Wed Jun 10 11:20:19 CEST 2009

Hi list,

I've came across a strange behavior in list-view module. I've these columns set in my extTables.php

$TCA["tt_content"]["columns"]["colPos"]["config"]["items"] = array (
"0" => array ("MAIN||||||||||","0"),
"1" => array ("LEFT||||||||||","1"),
"2" => array ("RIGHT||||||||||","2"),
"3" => array ("BORDER||||||||||","3"),
"4" => array ("EXTRA||||||||||","4"),
"5" => array ("HEADER||||||||||","5"),
"6" => array ("FOOTER||||||||||","6")

Now, let's say I have 3 content elements on a page, the first one with column position set to (for example) RIGHT
and the second one to BORDER and 3rd one to LEFT. In the list view I will try to re-order these three elements. If I hit either the
"Move up in list" or "Move down in list" next to the any of the content elements the column position of the reordered content element
is changed to a different value.

Did I do something wrong in the extTables.php? Does anyone know why this happens?
I would be glad for any hints. Thanks in advance.

PS: I'm using TYPO3 4.2.6 in FF 3.0.10

Best Regards,
Lukas Stancik

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