[TYPO3-english] Problem with web>view

Niels Fröhling niels.froehling at adsignum.com
Wed Jun 10 02:12:38 CEST 2009

Jörg Klein wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have a problem with the module web>view.
> If I click on a page in the pagetree, I see _everything_ on the page.
> That means: I also see hidden content-elements and (in the menu) hidden 
> pages.
> This problem is there, if I for instance click on the start-page in the 
> page-tree.
> If I instead click on the globe, I see the same page, BUT only with the 
> contents, which should be visible, shown!
> Can someone help me with that?
> Jörg
> PS: I read the docs and found, that there is one option for this module:
> One can enter the value of the &type parameter passed to the webpage.
> Like: mod.web_view.type = 1
> But, well, if that is all, it must be a bug.... 

  Do you actually see a Workspace-Preview message in your Web->View?


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