[TYPO3-english] [felogin] login failure despite right user data

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Wed Jun 10 00:07:23 CEST 2009

Robert Jędruszek skrev:
> I'm trying to implement a login and password. When I fill a form with 
> correct data login (the same as in fe_users table), the login fails - 
> message:
> "Login failure
> An error occurred during login. Most likely you didn't enter the 
> username or password correctly. Be certain that you enter them precisely 
> as they are, including upper/lower case. Another possibility is that 
> cookies might be disabled in your webbrowser."
> What could be the cause of this behavior?

Possible that your login form don't point to the folder with the users. 
Mostly this is the reason.



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