[TYPO3-english] Typo3: A solid German car?

Georg Ringer mail-spam at ringerge.org
Tue Jun 9 21:20:28 CEST 2009

Stefan Onken schrieb:
> I wonder why most of the response is getting personal rather than 
> deal professional with your criticism. Maybe the "German car" 	
> association was misplaced in these days.

Maybe because the post of the is just wrong and the product TYPO3 is 
created by the responders too.

Core developers like Dmitry, extension authors like JoH or me are 
working very hard in our free time for all of you guys and I guess 
nobody lets TYPO3 die and nobody likes information which is just wrong.

So much wrong information at one place is either because on *purpose* 
(don't feed a troll) or because of *stupidity*. To profe that: Take the 
sentence "Today the version 5 development team is exclusively German." 
This is just wrong. Every information is provided in English, every 
description, comment or discussion is in English, there are developers 
from other countries member of that team. So asking Janus directly: What 
is the goal of your blog and of this example.

It is the same with other parts of the article.

Stefan, maybe you get it now
PS: Is it funny spelling your name wrong on purpose?

> In response to your blog: with all weakness in Typo3, for the 
> professional use it's still offering much more function than Drupal 
> for instance. With Typo3 5.0 (sorry TYPO3 5.0 :-) ) on the horizont 
> and Typo3 4.3 coming soon (ups, again TYPO3 of course) it seems that 
> we are in times of change. And actually I don't mind if the major 
> version is still "0" or "14". This should never be a guideline for 
> good software...
> Stonki (working in the German automotive sector)

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