[TYPO3-english] New extension with MVC pattern

Joerg Schoppet joerg at schoppet.de
Tue Jun 9 18:05:51 CEST 2009


Gerhard Mehsel schrieb:
> Hi,
> I want to develop a new extension. For future purposes I want to use the 
>  MVC pattern. Since the kickstarter_mvc seems not to work properly I 
> want to do it "by hand", using a exiting extension as a sample.
> Which example extension fits best for this? apples, bananas, 
> blog_example, efaq...?
> Thank you,
> Gerd

Perhaps there is a little confusion:

apples, bananas and efaq depends on lib/div, which where originally 
developed by the Extension Coordination Team (Elmar Hinz) to bring new 
art of extension development into TYPO3 4.x.

blog_example depends on extbase/fluid, which is a backport from FLOW3.

So, to be on the safe site for future development, you should use 
extbase/fluid, because extensions developed with this base will only 
need minor modifications to run later on within TYPO3 5.x (at least that 
  is the official statement ;-) )

Actually there is no kickstarter for extbase/fluid extensions, but you 
can use the existing one, at least for the table and TCA creation (then 
copying in the right directories). Actually you can look at blog_example 
and addresses (both in forge) for implementation examples.

Hope this helps.


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