[TYPO3-english] vge_tagcloud: error using processTagData hook

Claudio Strizzolo claudio.strizzolo at ts.nogarb.ageinfn.it
Tue Jun 9 11:45:54 CEST 2009

I'm trying to use the processTagData hook of vge_tagcloud extension to 
run a small data processing function I've written but I get the following 
error in the log:

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function processTagData() on a non-
object in /....../typo3conf/ext/vge_tagcloud/pi1/
class.tx_vgetagcloud_pi1.php on line 599

Here it is:

foreach($dataProcessors as $aDataProcessors) {
  $aDataProcessors->processTagData($this->cObj->data);  <---

The error looks like not directly related to the function I've written, 
as it seems to be concerned to the vge_tagcloud code, but maybe I'm wrong.
PHP version is 5.2.6, if that matters.
Any hints?
Thanks in advance,


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