[TYPO3-english] direct mail includeMedia problem

Horn Gábor gabor at h3online.hu
Mon Jun 8 10:05:27 CEST 2009


i have a little problem with sending html (only) emails which contains 
some images. I want them to send with the images included in the emails, 
so with includeMedia. It sends, but in my mail client (thunderbird) i 
can see strange attachments named "part 1.2", "part 1.3" etc. The email 
otherwise displays correctly (including the images). Is there any way to 
avoid those strange attachments? My template is this:


i use tables, don't use external css, and put the <style> in the body 
tag as suggested on the Typo3 ML several times.

I think it's a Direct mail specifig thing, as when i made HTML mails in 
php "by hand" and embedded the images, they didn't shown up as 
attachments (i assume those strange "part x" attachments are the 
embedded images).

thanks, Gabor Horn

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