[TYPO3-english] Languagemenu dispears

Andreas Burg typo3 at andreasburg.de
Sat Jun 6 22:01:24 CEST 2009


> I use my own flag-jpeg's but now it only shows some 1x1pixels gif's.
> 5.file = EXT:cms/tslib/media/flags/flag_dk.jpg

don't put your own pics in the core, put them in f.e. fileadmin/pics/

check your html output, check if your pics are still on your server, use another path like told above.

> lib.flag = HMENU
> lib.flag {
> special.protectLvar = 1

protectLvar is no property of HMENU.special, it's a property of HMENU.

please use correct indentation with 2 spaces for easier reading of your code


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