[TYPO3-english] Templavoila does not work again

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Sat Jun 6 19:17:08 CEST 2009

Vahan Amirbekyan skrev:
> My team and I area always looking for other alternatives.
> you are right this is not the first time TV does not work for me.
> Your comment though does not make any good neither to you nor to T3.

I can understand Dmitry, most of us make our money from TYPO3 and 
haven't much time to answer questions on this or other lists. And you 
have started 24 threads in 3 months, most of them regarding realUrl and 
TV. When you need support on this level, also more complicated stuff you 
should consider paying for help.

A short check on your website shows a lot of bad coding style and no 

> When TV did not work this time it was "simulatebe" ext. Why this two 
> exts conflict you are the one to answer. In my opinion it should not. I 
> understand that simulatebe is not very popular ext and that is why you 
> probably never looked into this before. But once you find it out it is a 
> good idea to add it to the list of conflicting exts.

It doesn't make any conflict with TV on one of my test installations. 
Personally have I used TV for 5 years and never had conflicts between TV 
and other extensions (besides the conficts listed in TV).

And yes there are such conflicts, but mainly because of use of xclasses 
in other extensions. Use of xclasses are "bad" coding behavior. TV is as 
far as I can read the code, one of the cleaner extensions in TER and 
don't use xclasses.

My problems with TV is mostly regarded to XML parsing problems and 
conflicts regarding not using utf-8 on the whole website and/or specific 
Norwegian characters. Then it happends that the saved mappings get lost. 
  To be correct, they are there, but they are impossible to render.

And there is nothing in the code of simulatebe which indicates conflict 
as far as I see.

> My suggestion to T3 team is to make comments possible in T3 exts 
> repository. So that for instance I could go to TV ext download page now 
> and comment with this so that other folks know about this conflict.
> Another suggestion is that TV did not throw any warning at all. See if 
> it is possible for this case.

First question. Is it simulatebe who conflicts or TV. TV is a much newer 
extensions than simulatebe. When two extensions conflicts, the older one 
are the problem in my opinion (most cases).

And there are a problem with comments like this in TER. Very much of the 
comments will probably be wrong.


Erik S

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