[TYPO3-english] sr_feuser_register with useEmailAsUsername = 1, How to keep the username?

Thomas Meixner tmeixner at avecstyle.ca
Thu Jun 4 23:12:27 CEST 2009


I installed a community site with the latest Version of 
sr_feuser_register, felogin and kb_md5fepw . Currently users are login 
on with their username + pwd. I want to change this so users can login 
with their e-mail + pwd but they should be able to keep their personal 
username since it is their profilename and their e-mail usually is kept 

sr_feuser_register by default duplicates the e-mail field and copies it 
in the username field.

Is there a way to change this behaviour? Is there actually a particular 
reason why the e-mail address is duplicated into the username field? It 
would be nice if you could just authenticate against the e-mail field 
and not touch the username at all but maybe that's a limitation of the 
Core, not sr_feuser_register.

Thanks for your comments or if you have more insight into the inner 
workings than I do.


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