[TYPO3-english] Media_Center extension issue

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Thu Jun 4 08:35:38 CEST 2009

Hi David

So you are saying that the error I get has nothing to do
with my PHP? What could it be then?


I followed the manual:

1) I installed the extension using the Extension manager (no problem)
2) I created a page A and added the media_center plugin (no poblem)
3) I created a sysfolder B and added the necessary media_center
records (no problem)
4) I created a extension template for page A and added the extension
static template (no problem)
5) I edited the media plugin on page A and added the media_center
records (no problem)

Best Regards

[Removed upon user request]

Den 07/05/2009 kl. 18.51 skrev David Bruchmann:

> Hello Rasmus,
> Your Logentries aren't from error.log but from access.log and don't  
> show
> any faults.
> All Responseheaders are from kind 2xx or 3xx which is a signal for
> access. I've never seen any 4xx or 5xx signal, so there is no  
> indication
> to any fault at this point.
> regards
> David
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