[TYPO3-english] Language key in url

Richard Jäger richard_j at arcor.de
Thu Jun 4 07:13:45 CEST 2009

Heythanks, it works great :)
The only prob is, [globalVar = GP:L = 1] wont work anymore. Do you know why?

Mathias Schreiber [wmdb >] schrieb:
> Richard Jäger schrieb:
>> Hey,
>> right now users can switch language by clicking on german or english 
>> on the frontpage, it just adds an L=X, like index.php?id=383&L=0
>> But im using realurl, so its a bit "ugly". If ur surfing the english 
>> site the url looks like www.xxx.de/en/bookshop.html and in german 
>> www.xxx.de/de/bookshop.html
>> So my question is now, is it possible to change the "de" or "en" if 
>> someone clicks on a language?
>> Thanks soooo much in advance, i hope u understand my question :)
> Check out hmenu.special = language
> cheers
> MAthias

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