[TYPO3-english] Temporary Images

Marcus 'biesior' Biesioroff vsbies at wp.pl
Tue Jun 2 13:46:43 CEST 2009

Simon Nute pisze:

> I then looked in the typo3temp folder and noticed that there were many 
> many copies of my logo image.
> Why does this happen and is there a way to turn it off please?

TYPO3 copies only _modified_ (scaled, rotated, etc.) images into 
typo3temp/pics/, if desired uploaded image doesn't change in any way it 
should be taken from the original localization... Make sure that you 
uploading the file in exact dimensions, as are they later displayed on 
the page...

PS. I didn't use WEC starters, so I don't know them, maybe there are 
some other modifications (like color space change, shadows... 
whatever...) try to find it out and lock these operations...

Marcus 'biesior' Biesioroff
a.k.a. Marek Krawczyk (original)

Polish TYPO3 Community Proud Member

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