[TYPO3-english] Control tt_news image size by TemplaVoila, LOAD_REGISTER?

Lukas Mattsson lukas at antroposofi.info
Fri Feb 27 09:49:30 CET 2009

Hi Dmitry!

I'm developing a news site, where the front page has multiple instances 
of tt_news in different content elements (columns). The columns differs 
in width. I use excludeAlreadyDisplayedNews to ensure the same news 
article isn't displayed twice. A single article might be displayed in a 
wide or a narrow column depending on the number of newer articles.

I've heard that I have to use LOAD_REGISTER in such circumstances, but 
can I solve it with a TS constant somehow?

Best regards, Lukas

Dmitry Dulepov skrev:
> Hi!
> Lukas Mattsson wrote:
>> It does however not work if the images is displayed by tt_news
>> (displayLatest). How do I do a LOAD_REGISTER on
>> plugin.tt_news.displayLatest.image.file.maxW in TemplaVoila, or can I
>> tie plugin.tt_news.displayLatest.image.file.maxW to the value of
>> maxImageWidth in some way?
> Is there a particular reason to use this register? Can't you use TS constant?

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