[TYPO3-english] Payment for access rights

bernd wilke x00nsji02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Feb 26 15:50:54 CET 2009

Am Wed, 25 Feb 2009 23:17:09 +0100 schrieb Kim Holberg Andersen:

> Hi,
> I have a client who wants to sell access rights to a computer based
> training program, granting the fe user ex. 3 month use of the system.
> So, it should work like this:
> 1. The fe_user register and pays for a key on a webshop (tt_products)
> 2. The fe_user is send an orderconfirmation with the access password to
> the site by email.
> 3. The password expiries after the given time.
> Is there any ext. or combination that could be used like this?
> Thanks in advance...

I just implemented a similar mechanism, not handled with TYPO3 but with 
an external service. Including payment.

do you now Click&Buy? formerly known as firstgate.

on C&B-Side you can define how long a payment will grant you access to a 
special webcontent.
I don't know what the longest time is as we use just up to 2 days, but I 
just tested it and the input form enables at least 1000 days.

the webcontent can be anything from single file like PDF to webpages with 
subcontent as it is transfered over a subdomain from C&B.

you can restrict the access for this content to the servers of C&B and 
any other access can be denied (htaccess or IP-condition in typoscript). 
your user will get the content transfered over C&B.

I uploaded an initial extension without manual ('firstgate links') to 
manage and display firstgate/Click&Buy-links. 
I hope to find time to write the manual and give some examples of usage.

A login to TYOP3 may be also neccessary but the login-form may be 
restricted over C&B.


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