[TYPO3-english] t3sec_saltedpw and felogin problems

Marcus Krause marcus#exp2009 at t3sec.info
Thu Feb 26 13:22:37 CET 2009

Steffen Gebert schrieb am 02/26/2009 12:13 PM Uhr:
> Peter Kraume wrote:
>> Second question is, how I get the "lost password" feature of felogin to
>> generate a new password and send that to the user instead of sending the
>> encrypted version of the old password.
> I just use Steffens (currently pending) patch [1] to send a reset-password-
> link instead of directly sending new one.
> I'm not sure, if it works with the old version of felogin, as t3sec_saltedpw 
> is quite new.

Unfortunately, Steffen's patch won't make it into 4.2.X as it is a
change of behaviour.
If you'd like to get the patch integrated into the extension, just
create a ticket on forge (maybe with a ready to deployed diff file ;-) )
and I'll happily apply it to the felogin XCLASS.


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