[TYPO3-english] Code for the "browse" menu with images

Kim Holberg Andersen kim at crewcut.dk
Wed Feb 25 21:50:22 CET 2009


I use the special menu "browse" to go to next page or previous page.
I would like to substitute the text "next" and "prev" with images of an 
arrow gif. The normal code looks like this:

##menu browse
27 = HMENU
27.special = browse
27.wrap = <div id="previous-next-menu" align="right">|</div
27.special {
     items = prev | next
     prev.fields.title = prev
     next.fields.title = next
27.1 = TMENU
27.1.NO.linkWrap =   |

Anyone who can guide me to how i should write the code so it includes
the image instead of text?

Kind regards

Kim Holberg Andersen

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