[TYPO3-english] Getting rid of default css in Dmitrys comments extension

Morten Kjems mortenkjems at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 14:53:24 CET 2009

> Look in the template file, inside ###HEADER_ADDITIONS### subpart.

I found it... Thanks!

By the way. I am using the extension to let users write product reviews.

It is very popular with reviews to give a an overall star rating for a 
product. I wonder if it is possible to ad this feature.

The rating feature is already integrated but only to rate comments.

To use this extension for reviews the rating should be added when 
posting the review and be for the site/product.

Each individual rating could be shown in the single review and an 
overall score could be shown at the top.

If settings for these features are implemented it would be a perfect 
review plugin!

Would that be hard to achieve?

Best regards

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