[TYPO3-english] RealURL and domain "container"

La Farge Douglas doug at gcnpublishing.com
Tue Feb 24 19:23:43 CET 2009

On Feb 24, 2009, at 10:02 AM, Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
> Autoconfiguration file is always named realurl_autoconf.php. So if  
> you deleted some other file with similar name,  it means you deleted  
> the configuration file that someone wrote manually. It could have  
> settings for various extensions, for example.
ok cool, that's good to know.

> I did not mean to question your skills or anything. I only wanted to  
> point out that asking here is easier than removing the config and  
> trying to recreate it :) Preventive measures are always better than  
> corrective :)

I didn't take it as questions my skilz - mad skilz - hah.  I didn't  
delete the file either.  simply renaming it nets the same results  
which is what I generally do.

> That options clearly says: "If you placed RealURL configuration in a  
> separate file, RealURL can include it for you. Specify a file name  
> related to web site root directory.". Please, read it once more. It  
> clearly says: "If you placed RealURL configuration in a separate  
> file.....".

I'm dense sometimes. What can I say. yeah, that's what it says.  But  
again the file listed in that text box doesn't exist either. The only  
one that exists is the one directed to in the last line of  
localconf.php (which I've no idea how that got in there).

>> file.  It's not obvious to me reading the docs on how that is set up.
> Check the box names "Enable automatic configuration". You should get  
> realurl_autoconf.php in the typo3conf/.

It's checked and always has been.  I get no file in typo3conf/.   
Permissions are correct on that directory (they have to be as  
extensions are allowed to be installed).  Will uninstalling/installing  
possibly work?

>> I should say that over the last year and a half I have been met with
>> more frustration trying to get RealURL working on my sites than any
>> other extension. Eventually I hack at it hard enough that it finally
>> works.  And once it works I simply leave it alone and move on to
>> production.  Therefore at the moment I'm inclined to run my three
>> domains w/o the domain container and simply us conditionals to pull  
>> in
>> different content, templates or CSS.
> Well, may be RealURL is not for you :) It happens. I also tried some  
> extensions more than once and never could configure them properly or  
> understand them. Others use them all the time. It happens...

Well.... it might not be for me but it's what our clients ask for.  
D'oh! I inherited RealURL for better or worse. My company has been  
developing Typo3 sites for five or more years but I've only been with  
them for a year and a half.

A list of sites I've helped  manage/develop (I've done probably 75% of  
the work).


These done the "hard" way with no domain record (used conditionals to  
test the requested domain).





I'm currently working on launching a site hopefully within a week and  
we just got another signed contract for another site.

We heart Typo3  ;-)

Thanks again!

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