[TYPO3-english] mail sending problem with virtual host

sabine deeken sabine.deeken at web.de
Tue Feb 24 16:24:09 CET 2009

Hi all,

we have problems with emails from typo3 that make us really puzzled:

we use typo3-mailform and th_mailformplus, the server has a local ip, 
which can be accessed by vpn and we have virtual hosts to access the 
website from outside (sorry, I am not a server-hero, this is how the 
server-administrator explained to me).
the site is running with several domains, realurl rootpage-ids are 
configured by hostname, the virtual hosts are redirected to the 
rootpages in the .htaccess.

as long as we use the local ip we get mails and new 
mailformplus-csv-records appear in the backend, but when we use the ip 
for the virtual host: no emails, no csv-records.


what we tried up to now:
realurl on/off -> nope
the server-admin shortly opened some mail-gateway -> nope
logfile -> shows only the sent mails from the "good" ip
stoefln_pear_mail -> mailformplus-csv-entries but only from the "good" ip

I don't wonder why I can't explain, but the server-administrator can't 
either and says it worked with the old php4 typo3 4.1.6-server (the new 
one is suse, php5.2.6, typo3 4.2.6)

could I explain the problem understandably?
has anybody had the same problem (and found a solution)?

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice,

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