[TYPO3-english] Cooluri and shortcuts

Sandro Hagen shagen at dachcomdigital.com
Tue Feb 24 13:03:05 CET 2009

Hi list and jan

This is my first post in the english list. Hoping i do it the right way and
my english bad so sorry for this :-)

First of all, i love coolUri and the Link manager! Thank you jan for this
really nice extension and very good alternative for realURL! A gift of
heaven for everyone is tired about the voodoo effect in realURL :-)

Anyway my question is about cooluri and page type = shortcuts. I¹m using
cooluri 1.0.15 and shortcut parts are removed from the uri.

Now my pagestructure is like this:

- about (shortcut to first)
-- the company
-- where we are
-- something

I would like to have an uri like this for the shortcut about:

But actually it's like this way:

Now this don't work in some cases and the uri's ugly.
I read your documentation (the big thesis manual) but i wasn't able to build
the XML like this way. Are there any possibilities for doing that in
CoolUriConf.xml or I'm thinking the wrong way?

Other question, have you some examples for the configuration of cooluriconf?
I found the following very good tutorial with some examples, but don't
understand how to implement such functions at all.

Thanks for all
Hagi (Sandro Hagen)

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