[TYPO3-english] RealUrl adding nc to href in macina_banner

Styrmir Magnússon styrmirm at hive.is
Mon Feb 23 23:48:46 CET 2009

Katja Lampela wrote:
> Hi,
>>> p.s. one side issue, how can I change the rendering of ö or ø to o no 
>>> oe?
>> This is in the TYPO3 core character conversion procedures. I think 
>> there is a file that contains associations between letters.
> This thread might help: 
> news://news.netfielders.de:119/mailman.1.1207862002.20761.typo3-english@lists.netfielders.de 
> ...hmm, I don't really know if this links right to the tread, but here 
> is the subject "ä to a and ö to o" with which you can do a search.
> - Katja

Hi Katja

Thanks for the help, this is what solved it for me. I just commented out 
the line how they do it in German and added the Icelandic way.

I guess the only solution is to change this for every version update I 
do of TYPO3 because there is no way of doing this one way for one 
language and the other way for the other language. So I will not make 
any bugreport.

Best regards

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