[TYPO3-english] RealURL and domain "container"

La Farge Douglas doug at gcnpublishing.com
Mon Feb 23 19:01:56 CET 2009

I have a website which is being designed to respond to three domain  
names.  Essentially they are three different magazine publications  
that have more unique content than shared content. But there is more  
than enough shared content to justify one Typo3 install (and on top of  
shared content templates and other resources are shared).

When I enact the domain container for each site RealURL (or something)  
breaks.  I'm assuming it's RealURL because when I turn RealURL off the  
following setup works as I would hope.

My setup (the filetree).

My Sites (top level)
->Site1 (shortcut to Home and the page with the domain container  
-->About US
-->About US -->Contacts

->Site2 (shortcut to Home and the page with the domain container  
-->About US
-->About US -->Contacts

->Site3 (shortcut to Home and the page with the domain container  
-->About US
-->About US -->Contacts

So here's what happens with RealURL on and domain containers unhidden.

If I navigate to any of these sites the HOME page works correctly.  If  
I then navigate to the "Contacts" Page the content that is displayed  
is the content loaded for the HOME page (<title></title> is also  
Home).  The RealURL URI is correct, however:

If I turn RealURL off I of course get the id=### URI and it loads the  
proper content.

Now here's the giveaway (???)

If I HIDE the domain container for Site1 and leave RealURL on things  
work correctly -
http://site1.com/about-us/contacts.html loads the content from the  
contacts page.  Of course if I turn the domain container off for the  
next to top level folders things break as there's no way for the  
system to know to respond with those pages based on the requested  

I have another way of doing this if needed but it requires setting up  
a ridiculous amount of conditional statements.  I implemented a site  
in the past this way and it was a total pain (http://www.cnybj.com - http://www.tgbbj.com 
  - http://tmvbj.com - if interested).

Ideas?  Is there a configuration I'm missing?  Is this not the intent  
for the "domain" container?  I'm I just dense?

Thanks in advance for any tips/advice.

Doug La Farge
GCN Publishing, Inc.
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928.699.0663 (cell)
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