[TYPO3-english] Including typoscript templates through setup field?`

Stig Nørgaard Færch snf at dkm.dk
Mon Feb 23 11:59:33 CET 2009

I know conditions.
But I don't think that this is what I'm looking for - unless I 
misunderstood something.
How can I include typoscript templates conditionally with these conditions?


Daniel Huf skrev:
> Try here:
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/references/doc_core_tsref/4.1.0/view/4/1/ 
> Daniel
> Stig Nørgaard Færch wrote:
>> I know it's possible to include typoscript from typoscript setup 
>> through <INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT:somefile>.
>> What I'm looking for is the possibility to include typoscript 
>> templates (sys_template) conditionally.
>> Let's say that some constant is set to 1, then I want template A to be 
>> included.
>> If the constant is set to 2, then I want tempalte B to be included.
>> Is this somehow possible?
>> /Stig

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