[TYPO3-english] scenarios for membership of feuser groups

Frank Sonck frank.sonck at freebel.net
Sat Feb 21 11:00:03 CET 2009

Hello everybody!

For our site we would like people to be able to register and then get 
the permission to do things: see certain content, post stuff etc. But I 
do not want to put all these permissions in one single FE user group.

I would prefer to have a first signup as FE user, then you become member 
of Basic FE user group, and can see certain stuff already, have your 
data filled out in forms etc. => for this I'd use sr_feuserregistration.

If the FE user wants to be able to post stuff he has to become member of 
a (sub?)group thats grants access for that.
=> but what extension or setup to use for that?

Of course I could just make some sort of form, receive an application 
demand from the FE user and then manually slide or copy him into the 
second (posting) group. But I would like this to happen automatically 
(maybe with moderation).

Does anyone have experience with that?

Frank Sonck

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