[TYPO3-english] Fork of Typo3 ?

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Fri Feb 20 18:04:26 CET 2009


> Konstantin wrote:
>> sorry, not agree
>> please, look in code and you'll see that Telenok - very origunal CMS
>> without using any core idea of Typo3 and code.
> Yeeeeeees, just search for the "TYPO3" in the code and you will see.
> You are a liar.

I did not look your code very deeply but you cannot say that you did not 
use any core idea of TYPO3 and code. Others showed that you made copy 
paste of the design, of CSS, ... and lot's of your code is using 
concepts of TYPO3, the name of the constants, the tests to determine 
rendering mode (BE or FE), ...

It's OK to try to code your own CMS but do it from scratch. And stick to 
the license model specified by the code you use. It's not a challenge to 
steal other's work and simply remove what you don't need, rename a few 
variables and then claim that you did it yourself.

I had a teacher years ago that pretended to have developped a treeview 
in JS (that was the "beginning" of those stuff). A few months later I 
saw this code in a magazine, and I can assure you that the article was 
not from him!

It was fun to code your CMS? Great! Now if you wish to use it without 
having to fear to be prosecuted, you have to choose either to use TYPO3 
or to remove any reference to TYPO3, do not use its design, make your 
own way in the rendering process or to change your license model as 
shareware is not compatible with GPLv2.

BTW I cannot understand how you may hope selling your CMS to any 
company, but that's another story...

Xavier Perseguers

One contribution a day keeps the fork away

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