[TYPO3-english] jdGallery/rgsmoothgallery trying to use external lightbox opener

Sebastian Gebhard s.gebhard at markenmotiv.de
Fri Feb 20 17:07:03 CET 2009

Hi list,

i just try to modify rgsmoothgaller/jdgallery to add the possibility to 
open the lightbox not only by clickin into the slideshow but also by 
clicking any other <a>-Tag.

The <a>-Tag in the slideshow which normally opens the lightbox looks 
like this: <a class="open" 
title="Enlarge" />
And its href changes everytime a new image slides in. My idea was to 
assign that href to the external <a>-tag at the same time.

So I introduced 2 new options to jdGallery:

   // .. all the others
   externalLightboxOpener_enable: false,
   externalLightboxOpener_elementId: '',
   // .. some more
}, options);

The second option will take the ID of the <a>-Tag that will get the 
lightbox functionality.

Ok, but I don't find the right spot in the jdgallery source where the 
"regular" <a>-tag is modified.

Would you please help me?

I use rgsmoothgallery 1.5.0 which uses JonDesign's SmoothGallery v1.2 
(including some minor changes by Georg)

Thank you

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