[TYPO3-english] tinyRTE - configuration problems

Duchesnes Grégory - Ilomedia contact at ilomedia.net
Fri Feb 20 15:27:05 CET 2009

Hi all,

I usually used rtehtmlarea and decided to switch to tinyRTE which  
seems to be pretty cool.
Very impressed at first sight, but very disappointed at second look...

I have numerous problems with this ext, and i'd like to know if i'm  
completely dumb or not.

Problems :

- tinyRTE doesn't come with any TSconfig, how could it work?
To solve that, i included TSconfig from rtehtmlarea (even if it's  
uninstalled) and added tinyRTE specific config locally on my main page  
 > Is it the way it's maint to work? If no how should i do?

- tinyRTE adds invalid parameters to generated links. To fix that, i  
added specific rules to my TSconfig to strip t3url and such parameters  
on link? How come there is no documentation for that?

- tinyRTE doesn't work with realurl or cooluri on my environnement for  
links added in the RTE, is this normal? What should i do to make it  

Well, is all that normal? Did i miss something? If yes, is there an  
install procedure for this ext?


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